59th Monte Carlo TV Festival – Best Red Carpet Clicks

59th Monte Carlo TV Festival on June 14, 2019 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

High Quality Images From “Gettyimages

http://gty.im/1155927770 http://gty.im/1155927782 http://gty.im/1155927909 http://gty.im/1155928086 http://gty.im/1155930230 http://gty.im/1155930281 http://gty.im/1155930657 http://gty.im/1155931965 http://gty.im/1155932044 http://gty.im/1155933392 http://gty.im/1155934682 http://gty.im/1155935445 http://gty.im/1155935430 http://gty.im/1155936543 http://gty.im/1155936704 http://gty.im/1155936776 http://gty.im/1155937115 http://gty.im/1155936880 http://gty.im/1155937938 http://gty.im/1155937949 http://gty.im/1155938033 http://gty.im/1155938056

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